The Active Aum Meditation was born from my own personal practice of Auming and toning through the chakras which I now simply call The Morning Practice.
The Aum meditation literally developed from the deep space I was connecting to while practicing and then further through sharing the practice and experience.
Sharing it began when my housemates asked me to join me, then over time they invited friends and as I shared it more, it continued to develop into what it is today.
Its a combination of all the most powerful elements I’ve discovered on my own personal journey of self discovery, put together with the most powerful mantra “Aum” which is known as the tone of the fundamental ocean of existence. It is said that all mantras are contained within the Aum.
This is a very simple practice that anyone can do and has so many positive effects no matter where you are at within yourself, if you are interested in transforming your state of being, then this could be for you.
The Active Aum Meditation is a natural hybrid of the most powerful transformational tools I’ve ever discovered. It incorporates Mantra (Aum), Yoga (Mudras), Meditation, self inquiry and breathing.
When you practice regularly on a deeper level, its also working with cultivating feelings using sound and expression, similar to if you fake laugh, you can contact your inner joy or fake crying to contact your inner sadness. This meditation technique uses sounds and feelings of deep relaxation, surrender, gratitude and awakening to cultivate and expand our awareness beyond our minds limited perceptions. It is also deeply and physically connected to breath..
Deep breathing, using your full lung capacity is very detoxifying and also naturally brings you present with the body and the moment.
It is also beneficial for the Vagus nerve activating the relaxation response of your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for a healthy function of the organs. reduces stress, anxiety, anger and inflammation. This deep breathing also improves heart rate variability and many other benefits that I don’t need to go into as I’m not an expert on the physical body and its workings but I can’t inspire you more to try this practice as it has been such a profound game changer in my life and I really would love to share it with you. For me there could be nothing more important that I would rather share other that your friendship and I hope this is the beginning..
The benefits of this practice are many but I would say that for me the greatest benefit ist ability to calm the mind and an increase in concious awareness and emotional stability that really carries on and has a profound effect in my daily life.
It brings about a deep sense of peace and literally slows the wheels of a busy mind down so that you can see a more subtle dimension of your mind that wasn’t visible with constant thinking. Unconscious thinking patterns, fears and insecurities come to the surface to be liberated by the light of your own awareness and I also use a few simple phrases that work as a cleaning solution that cleans and clears even the most stubborn stains of uninvestigated beliefs and thought patterns 🙂 This is the house keeping that is necessary to having a clear and clean mind that therefore allows us to see and think clearly. What could be more important than that at a time when the mass consciousness of humanity is in such disharmony
I share this practice on my retreats and workshops. What I love about the retreats is that we can go deeply into the Aum Active Meditation everyday and you can be closely guided in order to get to know the technique so you can practice yourself when you go back home.